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14 Truths About Sex You Need to Know, is blogged on 9jalove.com - a Nigerian social dating network. In this episode with Heart2Heart With Thankmic De Love Counselor, some interesting truths about sexual relationship is discussed.

Highlighted below, are 14 Truths About Sex You Need to Know....  

1. Sex kills and tears apart 2 intimate unmarried Lovers. But it unites, beautifies and increases the Love of 2 legally married couples.

2. There is a spiritual force which pulls you to your sexual partners if you keep in touch with them after marriage.

3. You have a 95% tendency of comparing your spouse's libido with your Ex's.

4. The moment you are jilted/ heartbroken, you wish you have never had sex with the person.

5. Sex is beautiful within the confines of marriage. But outside marriage, it brings pain, tears and frustration.

6. If he doesn't love you, sex can never win his heart for you: he can always get sex anywhere.

7. If he threatens to quit the relationship because you won't have sex, kindly let him go! This tiger is only looking for whom to feed on. He wants nothing but SEX, SEX from you. He doesn't love u.

8. You are in bondage and need deliverance if he says he's leaving you and you are using sex to keep him from leaving.

9. If a lady begs/seduces you for sex, you are dining with Pharaoh's wife or Delilah. Your matrimonial bed is not safe. Don't marry her.

10. Anyone you sleep with, you also rises with. Sex leaves wounds and stains on the soul long after it’s committed

11. You become ONE FLESH, ONE SPIRIT with who you have sex with. Sex is a bond that ties a man and woman for life. God planned it so.

12. Stop sex for a season and see if he still stay with you and love you MORE LIKE NEVER BEFORE. I doubt it.

13. Sex is a gate. It creates a route of passage where internal contents people carry like family curses, madness, epilepsy, addictions, etc are freely exchanged among partners during sex

14. The libido is the physical sex organ. The soul is the spiritual sex organ. You wear condom for your physical libido. Which condom does your soul wear?

Written by Heart2Heart With Thankmic De Love Counselor
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This is Part 2 of Questions to Ask Before Marriage or B4 Saying "Yes I Do", brought to you by Heart2Heart With Thankmic on 9jalove.com. The 1st part is titled 21 Questions to Ask B4 You Say I Do. Read it here: http://9jalove.com/blog_post_view.php?pid=5


1. Can you Love This Person For Life? You need to be sure you can love this person for life till death separates you.

2. Do Know What You Want In an Intended Spouse? You must know what you want in an intended spouse or else you could see him/her but not recognize him/her.

3. Have you ever felt deeply insecure in a relationship? Were you able to name your fear?

4. When was the first time you felt that you were in love with another person? What happened in that relationship, and how have you come to terms with it?

5. What is the longest relationship you have ever had prior to this one? Why did it end, and what lesson did you learn?

6. Have you ever been married? If so, are you divorced or widowed? You need to know so you can handle your partner with understanding.

7. If you have a current partner, do they know of behaviors that you exhibited in your previous relationship that you are not proud of?

8. Do you believe that past relationships should be left in the past and not talked about in your current relationship?

9. Do you tend to judge current partners on past relationships?

10. Have you ever been engaged to be married but didn't go through with the wedding? If yes, what happened?

11. Do you harbor fears that the person you love might reject you or fail out of love with you?

Many more Questions coming soon. Stay tuned.... #9jalove

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Heart2Heart With Thankmic presents to you on 9jalove.com, 21 questions to ask before you say the BIG "I Do". Is only right to ask questions, isn't it? But before we do just that, here is an introductory life story to inspire you....  

Consider the following a true Life story:

I am Mrs "A" & I met my husband at a time when I was really desperate & anxious about getting married. We got married after a four-month courtship. Things were fine up to a point, but thereafter, I found out, to my dismay that my husband was given to anger & a violent temper.

He was also very jealous & uncomfortable with my success, things I never suspected before marriage.

“I was into business before I married & was doing well. He told me he did not want me to do business anymore, because I was a married woman & it would bring too much attention from men to me. So he closed my flourishing business, a mistake I'm still living to regret.

Today, I am neither fulfilled nor happy. My husband talks down at me in public in front of friends & family, compares me with other women who are working & making money, calls me a liability & a lazy woman because am not working now, hates me for depending on him for everything & worse still, he has entirely refused to take care of our 2 children.

"Today, I am 32 years old & I see an old woman when I look into the mirror. I am so unhappy".

There is no Love nor respect anymor, if it ever was there at all. I look at my husband & wonder daily how I ever got my life messed up to this point. What were my errors?

Now I know: "We did not take our time to carefully ask the right questions before rushing to wed. I was busy preparing for my wedding, a day- or two-day event, but I never prepared for my marriage, an event of a lifetime. I realize now that they are 2 different things. Why did I rush? I should have asked the right questions.

Singles listen: The altar is not the end of marriage but the beginning. Who you choose to marry will either make or mar you.

Coming soon on http://9jalove.com/: 21 questions to ask yourself before you say "I do"...
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7 Things You Should Know Before Falling in Love

7 things you should know before falling love, is an inspirational relationship tip from Heart2Heart with Thankmic. Falling in love is a good thing, with the right person - isn't it? The following relationship tips is beneficial for both Women and Men. Here are 7 advice to consider when falling in love...

1. When you fall in love make sure it's with somebody who treats you exactly how you deserve to be treated.

2. Love somebody who wants to know everything about you, from your favourite colour to your childhood memories how you managed to survive all those years.

3. Love somebody who can make you laugh,who kisses your forehead and who notices all your flaws but chooses to see past them.

4. Love somebody who listens to whatever is on your mind,who protects you and always reminds you how blessed they are to have
found you.

5. Love somebody who you can't stay mad at for more than an hour because you miss speaking to them,who knows every freckle on your face, every stretch mark on your thighs, every scar and every tear.

6. Love somebody who you can plan your future with,and most importantly love somebody who is God fearing.

7. And lastly don't forget to make them feel loved in return.

*Do you agree the above 7 reasons should be considered before or when falling in love? *
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Types of Men Women avoid in Relationships

This article piece about Types of Men Women Avoid in Relationships, was recently published by popular Nollywood actress, Stephanie Okereke-Linus, via her StephanieDaily.com personal blog.

"Just as women are attracted to certain types of men, there are other types of men that women go out of their way to avoid. Are you looking out for a new relationship? To avoid the pain you undergo when things go wrong, here’s a list of nine types of men you should run miles away from." -Stephanie Okereke

Ladies, below are the type of men - women are said to avoid in a relationship....

1. The Non-Committed Type of Men

According to actress Stephanie Okereke, "this is the guy that tells you he doesn’t want a relationship immediately, the guy that can’t/won’t call you his girlfriend when it’s way overdue, or the guy that’s over 30 and hasn’t had at least two serious relationships (or one very serious, 1+ years relationship)."

2. The Mama’s Boy Type of Men

According to Stephanie Okereke, "the Mama’s Boy probably still lives with his parents in their house, allowing Mom to iron his clothes, make his bed and cook his meals. When a man delights in being waited on hand-and-foot by his mom, there’s trouble. He always asks his Mom before making major decisions in his life and its a big problem for you if his Mom doesn’t like you."

3. The Underachiever Type of Men

According to actress Stephanie Okereke, "you know the type: He sits at home playing video games all day and then goes to hang out with his guys at the club at night. If he has no hobbies, skills, or future aspirations outside of his living room, you know you’ve just encountered the attractive but exceedingly lazy underachiever. When searching for a man, you should always look for confidence, ambition and stability."

4. The Control Freak Type of Men

According to Stephanie Linus, "Going out with this type of man is like dating your very strict father. At first, his embrace may seem warm and secure. But before long, you’ll be suffocating. It’ll start with going to the restaurants he chooses, seeing the movies he picks, hanging out with his friends and not yours. But eventually he tries to dictate everything, from what you wear to how you spend your free time. With a control freak, you have to give up more and more of your separate experiences, separate activities, separate friends."

5. The Gadget Freak Type of Men

According to actress Stephanie Okereke, "the gadget freak always likes to be called a ‘big boy’. He has the hottest phone and a decked-out luxury car. In other words, this guy has a lot of material things keeping him busy. As a grown-up kid who can’t resist the new plaything of the moment, he has a hard time keeping his attention on women."

6. The Over Intimate Type of Men

Stephanie Okereke says, "If your guy is too eager for some intimacy, it’s never a good sign. For one, he may act as if he’s extremely into you just to get you into bed as soon as possible. He’s the kind of guy that looks deep into your eyes and tells you he never felt like this with any girl before just a few days after meeting him!"

7. The Cheap Type of Men

According to actress Stephanie Okereke, "He invites a woman to dinner and then subtly suggests she should pay the bill. He never splurges to buy her gifts and he always opts for the cheapest stuff available. He makes her feel like they’re on a tight budget from the very first date. It’s just a few weeks into the relationship and he’s already asking her for loans he would never pay back. Ladies, this is someone to run away from."

8. The Cheating Type of Men

Stephanie Okereke says, "The Cheater doesn’t try to hide the fact that he’s checking out other women while in her presence; he flirts with the waitress and he even goes as far as to brag about his past girlfriends. Overall, he lacks respect for women. It’s a sad fact of life that some men are apt to cheat on their wives and girlfriends, it should become clear that most cheaters won’t change. Ladies, it’s time to let him go once and for all. Send the cheater packing and save the relationship that matters most – the relationship you have with yourself!"

More on Types of Men Women Avoid, is published on Stephanie Okereke's personal blog.

Story source: http://www.stephaniedaily.com/8-types-of-men-women-avoid/
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7 Bad Habits of Nigerian Girls in Relationship

7 Bad Habits of Nigerian Girls in Relationship, was originally posted on Nairaland, several years ago. The title and content has been modified a bit to correct grammatical errors, and include punctuations where necessary. This means, I did not write this, but find it interesting enough to share on 9jalove.com!

7 Bad Habits of Nigerian Girls in Relationship

1. Cheating - about 75% of Nigeria girls cheat,they are perfectly good in head games,they store guys name with female names and also calling sugar daddy their uncle,they can play guys for years without getting caught.

2. Food - 95% girls are hungry lion, they can eat copse, don't mistakes them with MrBiggs, They will eat and also take away, they can lost themselves when its come to food, they don't jokes with bone after eating turkey and they are never ashamed on food matter.

3. Sex - if you are not good in sex, never start a relationship with Nigeria girls, getting them on bed for the first time maybe hard, but immediately they sex you once, you have sign death warrant because they will always demand for sex all time.

4. Selfishness - 99% of them are selfish, send credit of 500 either they call you with 1 minutes to say thank you or they flash back,they are like insurance, you pay, pay, pay are you will never get anything in return.  

5. Amebo(gossip) - This is their culture,they jealous themselves and condemn those beautiful than them,they can gossip from morning to night,they talks more than parrot

6. Nollywood and Yoruba movies is not something to write about when it comes to 9ja girls, they always sit in front of television when they are less busy.

7. Unsatisfied with shoes and clothes. Even if they have 100 shoes at home, they are never satisfied, they will still want to buy more. The excuse they usually give is, "all the colours must match".

Source: http://www.nairaland.com/866465/5-bad-characters-nigeria-girls
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