14 Truths About Sex You Need to Know, is blogged on 9jalove.com - a Nigerian social dating network. In this episode with Heart2Heart With Thankmic De Love Counselor, some interesting truths about sexual relationship is discussed.

Highlighted below, are 14 Truths About Sex You Need to Know....  

1. Sex kills and tears apart 2 intimate unmarried Lovers. But it unites, beautifies and increases the Love of 2 legally married couples.

2. There is a spiritual force which pulls you to your sexual partners if you keep in touch with them after marriage.

3. You have a 95% tendency of comparing your spouse's libido with your Ex's.

4. The moment you are jilted/ heartbroken, you wish you have never had sex with the person.

5. Sex is beautiful within the confines of marriage. But outside marriage, it brings pain, tears and frustration.

6. If he doesn't love you, sex can never win his heart for you: he can always get sex anywhere.

7. If he threatens to quit the relationship because you won't have sex, kindly let him go! This tiger is only looking for whom to feed on. He wants nothing but SEX, SEX from you. He doesn't love u.

8. You are in bondage and need deliverance if he says he's leaving you and you are using sex to keep him from leaving.

9. If a lady begs/seduces you for sex, you are dining with Pharaoh's wife or Delilah. Your matrimonial bed is not safe. Don't marry her.

10. Anyone you sleep with, you also rises with. Sex leaves wounds and stains on the soul long after it’s committed

11. You become ONE FLESH, ONE SPIRIT with who you have sex with. Sex is a bond that ties a man and woman for life. God planned it so.

12. Stop sex for a season and see if he still stay with you and love you MORE LIKE NEVER BEFORE. I doubt it.

13. Sex is a gate. It creates a route of passage where internal contents people carry like family curses, madness, epilepsy, addictions, etc are freely exchanged among partners during sex

14. The libido is the physical sex organ. The soul is the spiritual sex organ. You wear condom for your physical libido. Which condom does your soul wear?

Written by Heart2Heart With Thankmic De Love Counselor
Posted by chief 01/19/2015 09:41 PM Comments

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